2017 505 Worlds Annapolis

Annapolis to Host SAP 5O5 World Championship

SAP and the International 5O5 Class are proud to announce their partnership for the

2017 SAP 5O5 World Championship.

Severn Sailing Association (SSA) and Eastport Yacht Club (EYC) will jointly host the

2017 SAP 5O5 World Championship from September 20-29 in Annapolis, Maryland

USA. More than 100 boats representing a dozen nations are expected to compete in the

62nd running of one of sailing’s premier events. SSA and EYC have partnered for the

previous two seasons, running major 5O5 events in preparation for 2017.

More Here: Press Release – 2017 SAP 5O5 World Championship FINAL

2017 W0rlds website: http://505worlds2017.com/

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2017 Schedule


North American Championships June 14-18 New Bedford MA
Western Canadian (Kits Inv) July 8-9 Vancouver BC
Espoir Regatta (Under 25) July 29-30 Ottawa ON
East Coast Championship Aug 18-20 Wianno MA
Canadian Championship Sept 2-3 Toronto ON
Eastern Canadian Champs (Fanfare) Sept 9-10 Ottawa ON
Pre-Worlds Sept 20-24 Annapolis MD
Worlds Sept 25-30 Annapolis MD
BC Championship (Bluenose October TBA Vancouver BC


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2016 AGM Meeting Minutes


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What is a 505?

The 5O5 is a double-handed sailboat that incorporates a light weight, high performance hull design with a powerful sail plan and one trapeze. The boat is unique in that it has outstanding performance in all conditions. In light air it is quick and responsive, and in breeze it just goes faster. Planing begins in 9 knots of wind, and the 505 planes upwind and down in anything over 12 knots. 505s are raced in over 16 countries on five continents.

Verbage came from Ali Meller, a fellow Canadian that lives somewhere in the eastern US seaboard…for some reason.  What?  You don’t like snow?


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Squamish Regatta Report

Regatta report from Evan Jennings, Canadian National 5O5 Association Vice President:

Two 5O5s at the leeward mark

Courtesy of Mike Unger

Have you ever wondered how much wind was enough? Yesterday at the Canadians, many if not all of the 11 boats present found out.

As this article in the Squamish Chief tries to convey to a non-sailing audience, there was a ton of breeze. The reliable thermal showed up hard.

Canadian 5O5 fleet 1 thanks Phil Cragg, an early and constant supporter of the event, who provided his personal motor yacht to the race committee and drove it up from Vancouver to ensure that the regatta would be feasible.  Without his enthusiasm and encouragement, this regatta wouldn’t have happened.

The race committee did a great job in very deep water and tons of breeze.  RO Rob Woodbury, an Olympian in the Finn, and his team Bev Parslow of West Van YC, Mike Unger, Martyn Jackson, Andy Hunt and Simeon Faehndrich were very professional and effective.

Fred Grimm took on the thankless task of running shore operations with grace and a smile and kept everyone fed.

Cynthia Des Brisay did the results and Charles Hansen and Brian Trainor with thoughtfulness and generosity did things too numerous to mention.

Willow Ryan ran the front and back office, was the keeper of the keys, stoker of the fire, holder of the fort, computer tamer and worked with Fred to set up the awards.  Willow was assisted on Saturday Morning by Addie Jennings.

Kits Yacht Club hosted the event with support from WVYC and SYC.

There would not have been a Canadians if it weren’t for the support of the American fleet, who came out in numbers on the Canada Day holiday. (I hope you guys are having a great Fourth!)

Phil Cragg and Reto Corfu leapt to a convincing lead and widened it during the first day, though Mats Elf and Brent Campbell got a foreshadowing bullet when the breeze continued to build at the end of the afternoon. Mats and Brent kept them coming and managed to just edge the Canadians out by the narrowest of margins after two races in 30 knots on Sunday. As Phil aptly put it, the trophy for top Canadian was bittersweet. Paul Von Grey and Miles Johannessen put in a consistently solid performance for 3rd.

Sugar Flanagan and Courtney Starks won the trophy for top 6000 series or older boat, placing 8th in 6991.  After day 1, they were standing 6th and were looking dialled to move up on Sunday when they had a breakdown before the first race and had to head in.  They swore they would return for the Kits Invite this weekend.

What the results don’t show, except perhaps by the number of DNS, RET and and DNFs, was that there were times when Squamish harbour looked like a giant nautical yard sale, with capsized boats scattered all over the bay. That said, there were tons of grins on peoples’ faces when they got ashore. The speeds were unbelievable. And there were some stand out performances by all. A tip of the hat to Jon and Mike, who had moments of brilliance upwind going low and fast. Also Pierre and Tom – travelling the furthest and putting in a solid performance until an unfortunate strain injury took them out. Hope you come back next time. Tell the other Californians what they missed. Katherine and Josh had a super solid last race, placing 3rd in the strongest winds of the day.

The final rankings:

5th – Brian Trainor and Evan Jennings (28 points)
4th – Katherine Long and Josh Dyck (26 points)
3rd – Miles Johannessen and Paul Von Grey (17 points)
2nd – Phil Cragg and Reto Corfu (8 points)
1st – Mats Elf and Brent Campbell (7 points)

For full results, check out http://505.ca.



(This report was amended on 6 July – the mentions of Willow, Sugar and Courtney were added.)

(This report was amended on 16 July – Martyn Jackson’s name was corrected.)

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Squamish Results

Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 11, Scoring system: Appendix A
Sail Nat Names 1 2 3 4 5 6 T N R
8823 USA Elf / Campbell (3) 2 2 1 1 1 10 7 1
8192 CAN Cragg / Corfu 1 1 1 3 2 (6) 14 8 2
80 USA Johannessen / Von Grey 2 (4) 3 2 4 2 17 13 3
9116 USA Long / Dyck 6 (7) 5 6 6 3 33 26 4
8755 CAN Trainor / Jennings 7 (8) 4 5 7 5 36 28 5
8263 USA Kowalski / Ginther 5 9 6 (12 DNS) 5 4 41 29 6
8866 CAN Des Brisay / Hansen 8 3 9 (12 DNS) 3 12 RET 47 35 7
6991 USA Starks / Flanagan 9 6 7 4 (12 DNS) 12 DNS 50 38 8
8631 USA Jeangirard / Crawford 4 5 8 (12 DNS) 12 DNS 12 DNS 53 41 9
8017 USA Seestrom / Poulos 11 (12 DNF) 10 12 RET 12 RET 12 DNS 69 57 10
7206 USA Fitzpatrick / Pittack 10 (12 RET) 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 70 58 11


T = Total
N = Net
R = Rank

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Squamish 2016 Canadians – Amendment 2 to NOR

The AGM for the Canadian 5O5 Class Association has been postponed.

The schedule in the Notice of Race is amended as follows:

Remove the note at the bottom of the schedule that refers to the Canadian Association AGM.

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Squamish 2016 Canadians – Amendment 1 to NOR

Because some information has come to the attention of the organizing authority regarding common insurance practices in the United States which differ from those in Canada, the section under the heading “INSURANCE” has been amended as follows:

Delete the section with the heading “INSURANCE” and replace with:


Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $300,000 US or $400,000 CAN.  The organizing authority strongly recommends that competitors carry liability insurance in excess of the minimum.

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Thank you to Sponsors of the 2016 Canadians!

We can run the national championships in Squamish only because of the generosity of these organizations.  Thank you!


West Vancouver Yacht Club Crest

West Vancouver Yacht Club



Squamish Yacht Club Crest



Pacific Coast Yacht Sales Wordmark



Evolution Sails Logo



Rekord Marine wordmark

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Some rigging from the 2016 NAs

A bit crude but and low tech but here is one way to do the spin blocks and barber hauler.

IMG_0394 IMG_0385

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