Sailing a 505 on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City offers excitement and challenges to any sailor. The sailing sites for dry moored boats are either Beauport Bay or just above the bridge at Cap Rouge. The only active 505 in the Quebec City region normally sails out of Cap Rouge when the marina opens each day for 5-6 hours around high tide. The predominate SW winds are notably steady, and regularly provide enjoyable waves and ideal trapezing conditions. It’s also an ideal location to marvel at the forces of nature as the water level can change by up to 18 ft between high and low tide, and tidal currents attain up to 4 kn.

For class racing, it is necessary to travel to regattas organized by 505 fleets, the closest one being in Ottawa. The lone 505 in Quebec City would like to be joined by others and its owner would welcome and encourage anyone interested in acquiring a high performance dinghy to first take a ride in a 505.

James Cruickshank
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