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New to the 505 Class? Read this First.

Guide to buying a used boat Getting Into the 505 Class  (old guide but still relevant). It describes the different categories of used 5O5 boats out there. Here is a checklist to use when considering purchasing an older 5O5. 

You may have heard that 505’s are some of the most well-made dinghy’s around. Many 505’s can stay competitive for an indefinite period of time when well cared for. Some older 505’s were not built as well, and may not be worth spending time and money on to get back on the race course.  VISIT THIS PAGE for more information on ALL the various 505 builders throughout the years. Also, hull numbers are sequential, and are issued upon initial measurement after the boat is built. The International Site has a listing of ALL hull numbers (0-6999 Listing and 7000+ Listing) with the builder and year of manufacture. The minimum weight of a 505 (weighed with all equipment required for racing except sails) is 127.4kg or 280.9 pounds. Many boats have lead corrector weights (50% located at front of CB trunk, 50% located at rear of CB trunk) to bring the boat up to this minimum weight. (Info modified from American 505 Page)

Below is a listing of used boats and equipment offered for sale in Canada. The American 505 Section has a very good classifieds page that is updated regularly.  INTERNATIONAL WEBSITE CLASSIFIEDS also lists boats and gear offered for sale to an international audience. You are welcome to post your item in several places for more exposure.

Rules: The world can read and buy but only paid members of the Canadian 505 Class Association can post sailing gear for sale.