Bylaws of the Canadian 505 Class Association::

These bylaws were approved unanimously by a postal ballot in April-May 1999, and became effective June 1, 1999.

(Effective Jan 1, 1969)
(Revised Jan 1, 1989)
(Revised Apr 1, 1999)


The name of the association shall be the "Canadian 505 Class Association."


The objective of the association shall be to support the sport of 505 sailing in Canada and internationally. To achieve this, the association shall organize and promote the annual Canadian Championships and Regional Championships in various parts of the country; keep members informed of developments in design and techniques, and keep in touch with other national sections and the International Headquarters. Canada is divided into the Eastern and Western Regions, the dividing line being the Ontario/Manitoba border. The association shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or gains to the organization shall be used in promoting its objectives.


  1. There are four types of membership as follows:

    1. A full membership is available to owners and part owners of registered boats, or people with a keen and active interest in the 505 class. Privileges are to hold office, to vote and to sail in class championships and any other races sponsored by the class association.

    2. An associate membership is available to part-owners or non-boat owners who are interested in the class and such members may act as skipper or crew in any class race but may not vote or hold office. However, there shall be at least one full member (or family member) for each registered boat. This class of membership is also open to boat owners who are full members of other national class associations.

    3. A family membership is available to two or more active 505 sailors living at the same address. Privileges are extended for two full members (ie, to hold office and to vote) and for all other members in the household to sail in class championships and any other races sponsored by the class association.

    4. An honourary membership may be bestowed upon an individual by the members of the association at the AGM to any person who has actively supported the 505 class.

  2. In order to compete in any regional or national championship, either the skipper or the crew must be a member of the class association, or another national association. For international championships, both skipper and crew must be members of a national association.

  3. Any member wishing to resign from the association shall notify the secretary of the national class association. The executive may at any time cancel the membership of any member for cause, but any such cancellation shall be subject to appeal to the International Committee.

  4. The association shall have the power to fix the annual dues payable by all members. The proportion payable to the International Association shall be paid in one annual sum by the National Association out of its revenues.


  1. Where three or more registered boats are active in a given area, not already within the jurisdiction of an organized fleet, they may apply to the National Association for recognition as a Fleet.

  2. The Fleet shall be responsible for promoting the 505 class in that local area and shall be self-governing in local matters not conflicting with National or International Rules. The Fleet shall elect a Fleet Captain and other officers as required.

  3. Fleets shall be numbered in order of their formation and designated by a geographical or yacht club description. Example: Fleet #1, Vancouver, B.C.

  4. Where a fleet consists of five or registered more boats, the fleet shall be entitled to representation on the National Executive. In such case, the fleet captain of the fleet shall notify the national class president of their desire to participate in the work and decisions of the National Executive.


  1. The affairs of the Canadian Class Association are to be managed by a National Executive consisting of:

    1. a President,

    2. a Vice- President,

    3. a Secretary,

    4. a Treasurer,

    5. any ex-officio member elected at the AGM,

    6. any Fleet Captains requesting representation.

    A single person may fill the role of two of these positions, as required.

  2. Members of the executive shall be elected at the AGM and shall hold office for one year, but may be re-elected without restriction. Every effort shall be made to elect a president and vice-president from different regions.

  3. For meetings of the executive, decisions shall require the agreement of a majority of the entire executive, (i.e. not only those present).


  1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the class shall be held at the time of the Canadian Championships. A Special General Meeting may be convened as required.

  2. All votes shall be decided by a simple majority.

  3. Any changes having a major and on-going impact on the activities of the class shall be confirmed by a postal ballot (or other appropriate means, such as an e-mail ballot). In such cases, quorum shall be 50% of the eligible voters, and votes shall be decided by a simple majority.

  4. It is the intention to avoid modification of the International Rules as far as possible. Any resolution proposing modification to such rules and passed by a General Meeting shall be passed on to the International Committee for discussion.


  1. The class shall elect a national measurer at the AGM. The national measurer is responsible for providing input and representation to the International Measurements Committee, for examining measurement reports, and for recommending issuance of Measurement Certificates by the International Class Association. The national measurer and executive may together appoint class measurers.

  2. Measurement forms and templates are obtainable from the Secretary and must be returned as soon as possible. The report will be considered by the Measurement Committee and if satisfactory, a certificate will be issued.


  1. The National Association shall pass application for measurement certificates and sail numbers onto the International Office and collect royalties and other fees and dues.

  2. Application to register new boats and apply for numbers must be made on the Official Form which can be obtained from the Measurer. Applications must be returned accompanied by a remittance in respect of designer's royalty and other fees and dues.


Committees, as deemed necessary, may be appointed by the president and/or national executive.